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Yesterday I was asked a question that kept me awake late into the night, as I mulled it over. A close friend asked me, “What is the most important thing for me to do daily in my business?”

I knew the answer to this could be direct and technical,  but I also wanted to provide her with a business system in order to reassess her most important task on a regular basis.

After many hours of thought, during my most creative time of day, I came to a simple conclusion. The most important task to accomplish is the task that is the most meaningful to your clients and prospects.

For my company, Your Business Allies, my clients and prospects gain the most value from personalized advice.
When I combine clients and prospects, I call this “my audience”.

My audience really feeds when I: send personal feedback via blog comments, reply to tweets, send email with helpful tips or reach out by phone for emotional support.

All of these actions and more are my way of providing meaning and value to my audience. I can go without posting or blogging, but interactions are essential!

That is for my company, though. You need to use the deep knowledge of your  audience and determine what is most meaningful for them.

Make sure you do as much as you can, but on days you run out of time, make sure the most meaningful task is not procrastinated.

So, what is your most meaningful task today? Have you completed it? Let me know in the comments.