Can you believe it? Time Flies!

Just 20 Fridays!

I don’t want to make you panic, but the holiday season is coming fast. It will sneak up on you, like it does every year, and I don’t want you to be unprepared.

The most important task is to set aside your holiday marketing budget and begin to plan how you will reach your target clients with that amount.

You need to zero in on the shopping behavior of your customers during this time. Really think on their pain points and how you can address these pains, and bring your customers to a better place this holiday season.

So many companies resort to tactics of sales and discounts during this time. You may have heard me say this, my number one marketing rule: Discounting is death.

When you take all sales and discounts off of the table, you can open up room in your mind to focus on value. The story of how it feels for your customer, once they have experienced your products, is the most powerful marketing asset you have.

If you are working with a very small budget, try storytelling with a local photographer, or with spokesperson videos, or with Whiteboard animation. These can be some of the cheapest ways to tell your customer success stories.

Delivering these stories can be most cost-effective using social media-such as Facebook dark posts, or with email-but you must start building your list and relationships now.

Do not procrastinate this HUGE opportunity to grow your business during the holiday season. The time to plan and prepare is NOW.