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Lately we have been hearing a lot of criticism of the effectiveness of social media to get customers. The key here, in order to be successful, is to have a plan that you can constantly test and be sure that it is most effective for your line of work.

Problem 1: The company is not even trying social media. It’s shocking how many companies are not using social media at all, still. Here we have a tool that connects everyone and allows us to zero in on our target market and communicate with our best customers. For reasons of fear, time overwhelm and sheer stubbornness, many companies are not even using social media. If you are not using social media,  you are not doing all that you can to gain customers and grow your reputation.
Problem #2: Companies only going half in. Many companies are wondering why they are not seeing large results but yet they’re not putting in larger effort.
I’m working with a company with a two million dollar marketing budget, that only allots two thousand to social media! They then wonder why they don’t have the results of other vehicles that they are funding four hundred percent more.
Don’t dabble in social media, go all in. Play to crush your competition, and move with expertise – or hire someone who can.
Problem #3: Repeating actions thst aren’t working. I often reccomend patience, but the other side of the coin is accountability. You need to set realistic deadlines to stop and measure the effectiveness of the campaign. If after six months you only see 1% increase in sales,  and you were working towards 15%+ then your current methods aren’t working and its time to revise your plan. That makes sense, right? Then why are we still seeing marketing like it’s 2008? Why are companies still spending thousands on banner ads with .1% click-through rates!?
I beg you to use the tools of social media, go all in, and market with measures to be sure you are doing what’s effective.
So what’s your (social media) problem? Share with us in the comments and we will be there to help you. Thank you for reading.