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Are you struggling to see the point in using social media sites for your business? Are you deciding to expand onto other social media sites, but just unsure if it will be worth all the effort?

I am writing this post for you.

I am even writing this post for business that are not using social media at all.

The main reason that businesses are not getting a return from social media is they are not doing it right. The majority of businesses are advertising on social media like it is a billboard, or a magazine ad or a radio slot this is NOT how you win on social media.

But this post is not about HOW to win, it is about WHY you should keep trying to win on Social Media.

Social Media is more measurable than traditional advertising

The three main tactics for sales on social media are: organic posts, paid advertising, and hard selling. When a customer comments on an organic post, you know if that same customer came to the store as a result. When you run a paid ad campaign, you can measure how many people exactly visited and bought from your website as a result. And when you go for a hard sell, you know if they set up a sales meeting. Social media provides you this incredible tool called DATA, and most of it is free! Social media sites let you track how much your audience is growing, how many people are seeing your posts, and most website services also give you free data on where your website traffic is coming from. On top of that, there are SO MANY free analytics tools! The bottom line is that you can measure every step of the process, unlike a flyer or a billboard.

Everyone is using Social Media

When I am driving, I am terrified. Just look around you the next time you are driving, and you will see that 9 out of 10 people are using their phones – they are not even looking at the road! I enjoy some of the nicest restaurants in town. I am always shocked to see so many couples spending their romantic date out, on their phones. It used to be five years ago that you would get the one reminder before the movie to turn off your phone. Just this week, I counted five full ads enticing me to stop texting and calling for the movie full ads, with stories, and effects and graphics like a trailer! This is our current reality. Everyone is using social media all the time, and everyone is using it on their phones. You can ignore this truth, or you can adapt to this new normal.

Social Media is a source of instant feedback

Going back to data, you can use these analytics tools to find out what your customers think about you. It is all right there, public and instantaneous. You can discover what the experience is like dealing with you, what you do well, and fail at, what more you could do for your customers, what your competition is doing… it is all there! If you find out that you really stink, you can find out and fix every specific problem. Then, you can do something really powerful! You can go and talk back. It is an open forum for conversation, apologies and reputation management. Get on these social media sites and search your: company name, your products and services, events you’ve hosted, your competition, and anything related to what you do, and you can learn instantaneously from the people who matter most the buyers.

On Social Media, you can run longer campaigns for less money

Holding a billboard for six months costs nearly a fortune, and we already talked about how people are internet-surfing and driving all the time. Who is even seeing those billboards, anyway? But displaying an ad on your cover photo is free for six months, and all you have to do is the work to move the traffic onto your social media sites. It is incredible what we have been able to accomplish with very little money on social media. Much of it is instant, but we have learned that many of the instant tactics should be used sparingly. You win when you build up momentum to that instant moment. Paid ads are so incredibly targeted now, it is hard to waste. You just test several things, and then you fully fund the best thing for as long as you it is working. That is the difference between $500 into a magazine ad, and $500 in a Facebook ad you control who sees it, and you know who did see it. The better you get at showing the ads to your best customer types, then the better returns you will get for your advertising money. You just cant tweak your strategy in a printed magazine like this.

*****5. Build Lasting Relationships with Your Customers

This is it the golden goose! This is the main reason, the top reason, to be using social media for your business. People are using social media more intimately than their diaries. You know where they go, who they hang with, what their problems are and what they are celebrating. You can learn so much! It is from this understanding of people that you can really win. Then you can be there when you are really needed. You can be the shoulder to cry on, the much-needed distraction from stress, and the solution to everything. You can give, give and give and the customer will feel so much incredible value from you. This is how you go from customers for a day, to customers for life. You make the leap from using data to land one sale, to becoming a best friend. Building these relationships are the future, and this is how the best businesses win.

We can’t miss this. Social media is a main medium of communication, and we have to use it if we want to stay in business. This stuff is not easy, but it is measurable and it can be incredibly powerful when used correctly.