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Frustrated with social media? Read this!

I speak to business owners daily, and many are feeling this extreme frustration with social media right now. Facebook dropped the organic reach and shows your posts to significantly less of your audience if you do not pay. Twitter is a lot of noise, and it is hard to stand out. Instagram does not allow you to link out – so how do you translate this site into sales? These are real challenges, and every day we are presenting real solutions.

First, ask, “Who actually buys from me?”

Get clear on your target market. I was hired by a retailer of kids shoes. She said over and over that there was no market for her on social media- toddlers do not use the internet. I was baffled. Toddlers are not buying her shoes – the parents of those toddlers are, and she can reach those parents on Pintrest and Facebook.

Ask, “Where do I make the sale?”

I call this the sales threshold. This is the point the the customer goes to give you thier money. Some companies have many sales thresholds. So do you need customers to come into your store, to call you, to visit your website, or to set up a meeting in order to buy from you? Keep in mind your sales threshold.

If you need customers to come into your store, does that mean that you rely on a geographic area for your marketing? Do you rely on a tourist season? If people have to call you, do they have to overcome a fear, or pain point in order to do so?

Ask, “Who sees my posts on social media?”

Does the audience for your posts match the customers most likely to buy from you? Or is your Facebook fans just your Facebook friends that you have asked over and over to Like your page?

The number one question we get asked: How do we get more Likes and Followers?

There are two ways to grow your following on social media – Organic or Paid.

You either need to spend time or money.

Organic growth on Facebook and Twitter comes from using the search tools. Search for users and hashtags that are related to what your business does. Comment on those conversations, and add lots of value to the conversation. Use Facebook as your page, and search hashtags related to what you do. Comment on other pages, and join the conversation. Add your page to #FollowFriday lists, and like other people’s pages from your personal account – then hold those people accountable too, in the comments.

Talk often to users who are not following you back on Twitter. This will make them more likely to follow you. {Tweet This!}

Retweet their content that is relevant to your business. Be a friend to get friends!

Advertising has never been better. You can create incredibly targeted campaigns on small budgets. You can focus in on: age, income, geography, interests, and views. You can even target people similar to your email lists, people who recently viewed your website, or friends of people that like your page. Start out by testing ads that are slightly different in pictures and text – then fully fund the best ads.

As you continue to grow your audience, the way to keep your audience, is to stay interesting! Do not just talk about what you do and sell, sell, sell – put your self in the position of the audience and post information that they would find interesting and valuable. The best content is the post that the viewer feels obligated to share. I am talking about when the post is so funny, so important, so emotional, so incredibly baffling that they must share! Find this content on the internet, and create it for your audience, and you will win on social media. For your best posts, spend a little money, and boost them to more people. The post your advertisement right behind that and ask for the sale.

Ask, “Are my viewers judging a book by its cover?”

If your logo, your cover photo, or your sales images are just plain ugly – it is time to hire a graphic designer. There are too many graphic designers out there for you to spend a fortune on a great design for your company. Check out Fiverr, 99 Designs, and 48HoursLogo!

There you have it, folks. Stop selling so much, and start adding to the conversation on social media. Grow your audience with targeted ads. Then give your audience incredible content.

I’d love to hear from you! Send emails to services@yourbusinessallies[dot]com or tweet @yourbizallies with your marketing questions, comments and discoveries. Cheers!