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Do you recall the most incredible event that you ever attended? Was it a wedding? At a night club? or was it during a sporting event? Whether it is for business or personal, you may need to organize an event soon, and I want to share some of my top tips so that you can bring it from ehh to EPIC!

#1: Consider all of the senses
Sight | Hearing | Taste | Smell | Touch
Stand in the center of your event space, and create visuals from floor to ceiling. Nothing should be plain or unadorned. Consider table tops, walls and doors, and the stage(s) as the main areas where they eyes where focus. What is most important messages to communicate during your event? How do you want your guest to feel by what they see? Also, consider easy visual directions leading up to your event space.
Make sure that you have the best audio possible for your budget. Test your equipment. Make sure you know that nothing interferes. If you will have a band, consider having transition music playing before and after they play, and during intermissions.
In addition to food, look into mints, gum, and favors for your event. If you will be serving alcohol, try offering a unique drink that bears the event name.
Consider setting a tone with smells. This should not be done with cheap carpet powders and sprays – which can attack your guests with allergies. I am speaking on candles, motion sprays, portable fireplaces, and well-made potpourri. The best of all smells is freshly cooking food and open fountain drinks – which can also make for great visuals!
Textures are one of the most neglected sense for events. Step up the paper for your menus, flyers, gift bags, and all things the guests will hold. Seat your guests in comfortable chairs, with soft table cloths and detailed cups and silverware.

#2 Pace and momentum
Nothing annoys me more than when I am at an event, and the host starts rushing parts because they are not on schedule! Make sure that you carve out plenty of time for each segment of your event. The pace of the event should not feel rushed or forced. Be sure to have good transitions between segments, and changes to lights and music to keep the mood in the down times. The most memorable events have a carefully planned momentum as well, building you up to a grand climax. The build-up of excitement, up to this grand climax, can lend you the momentum to get your guests through more boring components of your event. Some of the best events that I have attended had little surprises leading up to the climax, that created a crescendo toward the big moment! Some ideas: door prizes, surprise guest, dancers and entertainers that interrupt a drab moment and you can even take a moment to honor a special guest with an award or gift.

#3 How will your event be remembered?

Is your event forever immortal in the internet? High-end photography and video can go a long way in creating a positive experience in the after days of your event. We internet junkies love to go the Facebook page and tag ourselves in event photos and make our friends jealous. A tasteful gallery from a business event can be good PR on your website. With the right steps, you can reuse some of those photos in your ads and further the good impact of your event. I have even seen sound bytes travel from an event to a radio station, as a clip for an interview.

I’d love to see your awesome event photos – I ‘m a photo junkie, myself. Share em on Facebook and Twitter and tell me how awesome I helped 🙂