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It’s what we all want, more more more. When we help more customers, we can increase jobs created, influence, and feel more secure in our lives. Sometimes, sales are down. We need to see an immediate boost, or we might be in trouble. Have you ever felt like you are just going through a rough patch, and you just need a little change in luck?

Here are some things that you can do. They don’t work well if you do them all the time. But if you do this in the short term, you can see some increase and you can gain some ground.

#1: Feature an offering at regular price

Pick an item from your services, menu, website – what have you – and feature it in the short-term on every marketing avenue. Talk about it as if you are in love. Push the benefits. Collect quotes, testimonials and stories about this offering and share them. Create awesome picture ads and emotionally-charged calls to action. Check this out —>


The Hillside Select is ALWAYS $30. Yet when featured on social media, on the event page, on a small flyer in the center of the food menu, and on the event flyer – the sales of this wine increased in the first night by 600%. From a usual 6 glasses per night, to a whopping 42 glasses – an increase of $1,080 in revenue from wine, alone!

 #2 LTO – Post a new offering, Limited Time Only

Have you been thinking of bringing in a new product or service? Try offering it for a very limited time to your current customers, and to potential leads. This might tell you if it is worth rolling out full-time, and can increase sales from urgency and excitement. Some great time periods are: 3 days, 10 days and 30 days. If you are feeling generous and daring, offer something free, with the option to buy something after they get the free item. Such as the ad below – free photo shoots, but you can sell prints and gain referrals after. 



#3- Launch Paid Ads

Funnel the two tactics above or an event, into a short-term, paid ad campaign. Facebook has the awesome feature of Look-alike audiences, so you can choose to market to customers similar to a specific email campaign, website visitors, or other parameters that you specify in the Facebook Power Editor. Ads on Google, Twitter, and other sites, can also afford you a great deal of control and tweaking to reach just the right leads for your offering. Experiment with different ad types, different images and text to find the most powerful ads for your company. When you get the right formula, you can really multiply your investment with advertising.

Some tips to remember:

  • Make sure your images are the right size for the ad, so they don’t appear stretched or blurry.
  • Use memorable language, and emotionally charged words
    Instead of, “Tired of collection calls?”
    Try: “Feeling harassed by debt collectors?” 
  • Simple questions that lead to yes also leads to clicks
  • Frequently review data and analytics to make sure you are getting the results you want from your ads

We really hope that you use this info, and start increasing your sales immediately. We would love to hear your success stories on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks for reading.