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If you are in Jacksonville right now, I hope that you know that we are hosting a HUGE croudfunding festival downtown ( beonespark.com ) and that thousands of people are gathering to enjoy creators, speakers, live music, and awesome food! There is so much inspiration that we as business owners can take away from this.

>That YES the community will come out and support local events, so that stigma should die.
>That YES our city is willing to allow alcohol in the streets for a live event.
>That YES you also can put on a HUGE event in Jacksonville with the right team! 

But the long-term implications of the event have yet to be determined. I foresee a shift in mindset about out downtown commerce offerings. I see thousands of people exposed to the restaurants, venues and other businesses in our urban core, that they really did not know was there all this time. I see our city finally appreciating the skyway, and how this part of our infrastructure makes parking downtown EASY. Now what? Gather your funds, and lets host more events! Let’s continue to provide the experiences to our neighbors that put Jacksonville on the map! Let’s work with these creators and everyone that cares to create the best city on Earth. I think we can.Image