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My father and I were playing at the beach one sunny afternoon. The father put me up on his shoulders. He said, “How far does the ocean go?” I did not know, but I said “Inches of infinity”. He laughed, because children take what they know and make up things that they don’t. He said, “You can think of the ocean like that. It is hard to think of ever traveling the ocean, but if you travel inches through the ocean, you will eventually reach another shore.”
So when I fell overwhelmed, I think about merely traveling inches. 

You want your marketing to be compelling, attractive and memorable? Toss the sales copy, and instead write your customers a story. Make that into photos, video, slideshows, pamphlets and events. Make that story your 30 second elevator pitch,and the incredible message of 3 day long seminars. The more you tell your story, the better it will sound and the more it will do for your business. So what is your story? How can you connect that story to anyone’s emotions? With this connection, you will find success.