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No doubt that by now you have figured out that words can have considerable power. 
You may have heard that the words that someone chooses when you are asked options can alter which option you ultimately choose. 
You also may recall times when someone said a simple word, that did not affect anyone else – but you felt moved with emotion – because that particular word drew up emotions for you of your own unique memory. 

Now you have a business to market, and it is effective and important to choose your words with care. 
The label of your product can increase or decrease the likelihood that it is bought. 

Would you prefer Clean Air Filters or Open Air Filters?

Would you prefer to meet “Independent, Stable Woman” or “Independent, Free-spirited Woman”

This messaging power is greatly increased when you understand the audience that you are writing for. 
When you realize that those born in the early 90’s are feeling powerful nostalgia over things from their childhood. The job marketing is terrifying to them. Many young people are out of school and are under-employed, unemployed and still stuck with their parents. There is constant pressures to keep up with technology that they can’t afford. 
Lean of your audience, and then choose the words that will connect with them. 

“This is for you – Advanced and Affordable technology that your friends will envy!”
“Studio Apartments are an affordable way to get out on your own”
“It is not an easy job, but you will earn far more than a living wage”

These are all examples of messages that would connect with struggling Millennials. 

Further tips –

Ask powerful questions. 
“Are you wasting your life?” and then answer them 

If you offer two choices, the second choice is more often to be selected. 

Replace dead verbs with move vivid words: is, are, am, have, had, has, be, been, was, look, were, take, took, went, go, ran, run, make, do, did, gone, came, come, -ing words are all dead verbs. 

Think about using gone versus abandoned, escaped, broke in, disappeared

Together, we can craft marketing messages that are impactful, emotionally-charged, and effective.