Want more customers? Focus on these key areas, and you will see results.


Start by building brand awareness. (You must have already developed a brand, a value proposition and differentiation – we’ll talk about this in our next blog)
You build brand awareness using marketing vehicles.

1. Internet

  • social media
  • email
  • press releases

2. Distribution of Print Materials

  • business cards
  • tri-fold pamplets
  • flyers

3. Printed ads

  • local newspapers and magazines
  • on other companies flyers
  • On promotional products that you give out for free

^This is just a sample of the many vehicles that you can use to get your name out there. During the awareness focus, make sure that you have a way to measure your results. Drive traffic to specific links on your website, or push for phone calls, or the the use of a limited time coupon that is different on each type of print materials. Measure effectiveness on line using data tools.

As your company is becoming more known, work on a reputation of accuracy. Accuracy is the ability to deliver exactly what you say you will. It does not have to be about going above and beyond for your customers- it is about being reliable to simply deliver your service or product on time, and without errors.”Delivered in 45 minutes, or its free” is a great way to embed accuracy slogans in your marketing.

The more that you interact with your customers, learn from them. This understanding is a powerful tool. What are related pain points that your customers feel that are similar to the needs you are already serving? What are products and services that your customers specifically request you to start offering? What businesses that are related to your business do your customers shop at? You learn all this and more by asking the right question at the right time, for the right reason. Build understanding into your marketing messages by using your customers to tell the story of how they had a problem and your company solved it.

Build informative media – online, and in print to pass out face-to-face. I say build, because you can use a strategy of free information to build your email list. You can also use it as a Facebook Like Gate. Informative media starts to position you to the public as an expert in your industry and it draws customers, as they want to ask you more information about the topics that you are teaching.  Informative media can include:

  1. Blogs
  2. Videos
  3. How-to PDF’s

Don’t stop there. You can be informative through:

  1. Public speaking/Topic Lectures
  2. Writing articles and columns
  3. Inviting experts for interviews, lectures and columns to your audience

Generating excitement for your brand is giving the audience a reason to care, even if they will never use your service or product. Excitement is an element that many business types do not know how to employ in their marketing. But with finesse you can build excitement, even within the most conservative business industries (such as: finance, law, manufacturing) Try:

  1. Contests, Raffles, Give-aways, and Event door prizes
  2. Cross-promotion with a business that is in a similar industry
  3. Hinting that you have something big coming up and creating countdowns, and a reveal date!

Generosity is humanitarian and great marketing. Charity efforts can create loyalty to your brand, especially when you can show a direct impact to your local community. Free items are exciting, but generosity can mean so much more. Generosity is life impact. It is food, water, clothing, jobs, and support where it is badly needed. You can be generous by:

  1. Gathering a staff to volunteer
  2. Collecting items for the needy
  3. Hosting a gala or benefit fundraiser

I suggest that you start with the first focus: Awareness, and you always do a little of all the others. While your company is very popular, you shift your focus to the next focus of Accuracy. And when you see that you customers respect and trust you, you start to focus heavily on Understanding their other needs. Then you will start to roll out new products and services that better suit your marketing, give away lots of information that will also position you as an expert. Marketing does not have to be boring – launch Exciting contests and events. Don’t forget to give back to the community and the world as you succeed- A Generous company is respected. Do all of these things, all of the time, but focus most of your efforts on one concept, and move through them as a cycle in order and you will see great results.

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