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We discussed how people are are more likely to buy if they are recommended by someone they know.

The consumer is also more likely to buy, when the sale is endorsed by someone they like, and someone that they share some things in common with.

On the large scale, this means super-models, athletes and movie stars.

Yet you can leverage this power with local celebrities – entrepreneurs, local athletes and artists.

Video is a powerful medium for endorsements. Look at getting a film student or a professional to record 30-second interviews with former clients- clients in their offices, in their homes, in their businesses, holding their children, looking at ease.

Gather endorsements from industry experts. “Could  you look over my product and give me your thoughts?”

Gather many videos, but work on other mediums, too. I recommend a picture with a quote – which you can easily share on social media.

Gather just audio bites that you can add at the beginning of a podcast. And gather testimonial letters that you can display in your office, and marketing kit.

When you are really confident of the results you deliver to your customers – conduct a case study. Here’s how.

The question of your case study is How do I solve my customer’s problems?

You can use this data everywhere – at the beginning of your book, to write a position paper, in video ads, as slideshare presentations- this data will add credibility to every avenue of your marketing.

If you are not doing it, start now by going to your customers and getting those letters of recommendations. Get permission to use their picture and/or logo to display with those recommendations. Reach out to local figures in the community. Reach out to experts in your industry, and related industries. Gather sound bites and quotes. Conduct a case study and share that data everywhere. If your business is really great, people will talk about it for  you when you ask!