Imagine that you are not from America, and you want to try some cereal. You walk into the aisle, and your eyes are lost in the menagerie of colors, flavors, and animal mascots. Even nearly the exact same cereals have several options from competing brands. We Americans go into the cereal isle with the bias of advertisements. We’ve tried most of the major brands, and we have our favorites that we buy. Yet if you haven’t ever had cereal or seen ads, the sheer number of choices can be exciting… or overwhelming.

The world of possibilities. What do you want to be when you grow up?  A doctor, a lawyer, a police officer? They say that we can become anything we put our minds to… until we are like twelve, and they tell us our dreams are too hard, or unrealistic, and we should look at a more realistic job – a more secure job. So we get into college, and it is probably not some great college, just the one that most of our classmates are also going to. Then we have to pick a major. As we research our major, we find that most majors have a somewhat low average income in our area. If we go with one of those majors with a high average income, it is going to be very, very hard and a lot of debt.

Every day, we are swarmed with decisions- choices of good, better and best. Sometimes the choices seem all around weighing us down. We don’t just get to make the choice, we are also pressured by so many factions to lean their way, to pick their product, to follow their lead.

This is the world of anxiety that customers swim in. There is a great fear of wasting money, of becoming worse off than they started, and of becoming a failure. It is your duty as a – business owner, as a marketer, as a salesperson- to ease the anxieties of your potential customers. You should create a culture of trust and understanding for your customers problems. You should build up a reputation of success and triumph. You have triumphed over the obstacles to build your company, and you have soothes the pains and fulfilled the longing of your customers.

Your job is not to convince potential customers to buy. Your customers buy because they want or need something, and you need to be clear that you can provide that, and you can provide the very best or unique offering.

Do not over-complicate the process with too many options, and add-ons. Rather, work to understand the needs of your customers, and supply that at a fair price.