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Seriously, most of your marketing is likely garbage.

You see, your customers are desperate to know how you can solve their problems, and how you can be of value to them. People are selfish. If you are taking up thier precious time, there had better be something in it for them.

So if you are just like, “My company is awesome, blah blah blah” and “My company has this sale, blah blah blah” – you are wasting your time.

Stop just talking about yourself, and start opening a conversation. So many companies are out there acting like a ditsy cheerleader who doesn’t pause to ask her boyfriend how he’s doing – just goes on and on about her own petty life. BORING!

Stop being boring.

Three Marketing Rules:

1. Start a conversation with your marketing

– Identify your customers problems by asking them what they are!

-Be funny, exciting, bold and artistic, and share how you are solving similar problems

-Share the customer’s face in your marketing, share them talking about you, and talking about the problems that you have solved

2. Speak less than you listen

-It is true in conversation, and it is true in Marketing.

-Go out into the wide world and listen to what people are saying, then speak. Then you will actually be talking about things that are relevant to your customers and prospects.

-Keep your messages short and exciting. Then get back to listening.

3. Build VALUE.

-Stop talking about how great you are, and start talking about why you matter to your customers.

-What makes you better than your competition is what makes you better than your competition for your customers!

-STOP DISCOUNTING SO MUCH!!!! I am leaving you with this final note: sales, discounts, coupons et. al. are destroying your value. Do it rarely, or not all. Instead, build value and charge fairly. Then talk about how your fair price gave such a huge return on investment! With that proof, you open the door to charge more and more! Don’t you want to make more money from more customers that are coming back for more to YOU because you give them MORE?!?!
Yes, yes you do.