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I ask the hard questions from time to time — this is one of those times. 

I meet people often, that claim that they want to make a certain dream reality. You, reading this, might be one of those people that I am referring to. You have this brilliant idea, I mean it is a really good idea. You start working on it…. then you get this other, also great idea – and you start working on that too. 

Where is your focus?

This isn’t meant to cut you down – it is meant to build you up. 


It is that simple, but not that easy. What you have to do in order to be a success is FOCUS. 

Do not start a million projects, and never finish anything. Do not make excuses. Do not give up, unless it is really time. 

Focus. Focus on one prime thing. 

My one thing is Your Business Allies. There are things on the side – life adds projects. But most of the time, my mind is working on how can I grow businesses in Jacksonville? How can I help the careers of talented individuals? 

Sometimes those side projects eat away the valuable time and I have to have that moment of re-focus. 

Refocus is one of the most important aspects of your life. Refocus is that little nudge to the steeling wheel that prevents a head-on collision. 

So ask yourself often, am I doing the most valuable work? Am I focused on my ultimate goal? Is what I am doing going to take me where I want to be? 

Then trim the waste. I realized that I was spending three hours + per day playing Tetris. Five minutes here and there really added up. Then, even after realizing that I was loosing so much time, it lead to playing other mindless games. To nip it in the butt, I first deleted all of my game apps off of my phone and Facebook. I then found more productive things to do with the times that I felt the urge to play Tetris. It felt so good to re-apply that time!

Refocus, Reform, Replace.

Refocus on your goal.

Reform your planned time to do your most valuable work by-

Replacing your wasted time with more productive efforts.

So, do you really want to make your dreams come true? If so, stay focused on your greatest work!