This is important.
You may have forgotten, so I thought I might remind you. You Matter! You really matter.

This is what you have- you. You are your most important priority. Have you forgotten? Are you having fun? Are you taking care of yourself? Because there is only one you, and you are a limited edition. Now is the time to remember you. Everyone else is ok- worry about you for a moment.

Invest in yourself. Buy yourself something nice. There is something really empowering about looking at yourself, and seeing yourself looking really good. Gain some flattering clothes, own that confidence. Ladies, sit with a professional, and have your make-up done. Its not narcissism- its caring.

Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your strengths. Think over the successes in your life- small and large. Remember your happiest moments. You have done things that are worth being proud of. You have overcome obstacles, that others would fail at. You are strong. Living isn’t easy, but its easier when you remember the good about it. Live well with yourself.

I think you are remarkable. Getting to know new people is my favorite adventure. People are invigorating and fascinating. I love how people tick. I love to watch people smile. I love to see people win. I love to see people in love. Love is this power flowing between two people- celebrating themselves, and celebrating each other. I love to see what people create. There is no satisfaction, I can’t get enough! People make things that are unfathomably amazing. Photography, video, books, plays, foods, architecture… we are a race creating things. We are dreamers and doers. We are doing more than just living. We are a wonderful, active race. I like to celebrate humanity. I like to hold us up on a pedestal and worship the greatness that we are. We live in a time where there is so much negativity- I want to remind the world how great it is. Let’s restore the pride we have in ourselves- it starts within.

This is how the world gets better. You make it better. You create good, and good multiplies. Thank you for being you.