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Problems arise, and you are freaking out!
You might have a panic- level problem on your hands, but a good leader does not make a petty, panic fit.
You asses your situation, and your options. Who can help you?
So often a problem arises in a small business, and the owner/operator elects to fix things on their own… 

This is not always the best decision. You may be thinking, “I can not afford to call in a professional”.
You may not be able to afford not to. Find someone to provide a free consultation.

See if you can acheive the work you need with bartering. Reduce the cost of the work by offering to be a case study for the business, and providing thorough positive reviews. Offer leads to the business of people that also need help like you did. These are some ways that you can offset the cost of your repairs. You can also negotiate a payment arrangement on a large job.

So before you try and fix a problem yourself, at least get a professional opinion, before you make your problem worse.