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It’s Thursday, and I have 14 meetings! 14! Toooo many, but I’m going to make all of them, and I’m going to close deals. Though I have an office, it’s more convenient for my clients for me to travel to them. They cut out a time slot in their busy work day. They give me their problems, and I give them solutions. My business model demands that I meet face-to-face as much as possible, because then I can use my charisma and listening skills to close a deal.
So how do I juggle 14 meetings and still have time to post this blog? The Internet keeps me organized. What I do, and suggest that you do also, is I put my daily schedule public on the cloud. The people that matter can see updates to my availability and squeeze in if needed. People love to try and see me last minute- and I love, LOVE last minute meetings. Why? Well, a last minute meeting is an urgent need and a very hot lead. The client wants to close a deal, and fix a problem URGENTLY.
That is a win-win situation if I can meet them.
So put your schedule up publicly, or somewhere that the people that count can always find it.
Another situation made me glad SO GLAD that I keep my schedule in the cloud… A dear friend of mine lost her phone. I’m like her- I rely on my phone to run my whole life! Unlike me though, none of her phone docs were backed up. She lost her contacts, her pictures-and worst of all- her calendar.
Who was she supposed to meet at 8pm? She only remembered vague times and not locations or people. It was just too much information.
What resulted was a mayhem of 14 very angry clients and prospects that were stood up, or that she did not prepare the right information for.
Her contacts were gone- so even if she knew who to call and apologize to, she did not have their numbers.
Back up your home in the cloud, and protect yourself from this embarrassment.