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You may have given me your business card before I was a business woman. I do not remember and neither do you. You don’t have my contact information and I likely lost or threw away your card.
What are you doing? You missed me, a valuable lead. A lead that could have become a sale. I wonder how many others you lost just like me.
Your business card sucks.
It has your contact info. That’s nice.
It does not sell me on why you are the best for me. It has no pizazz. It’s full and it will not be remembered or cherished-and neither will your business.
Fix this!
Make me want to keep your business card. Print on an impressive paper. Make the picture sharp and the text exciting. Give me an extra reason to keep your card- add a coupon, get another business on your card, add a work of art… Something! Go above and beyond your normal business card. Make it into a magnet for the fridge, a keychain, a flash drive for the computer- give me something that I want to keep.
Adapt your business for the changing times, or just fail.