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It’s Wednesday morning, and we are photographing businesses around Jacksonville for their places listings and advertisement needs.
Working at a brick-and-mortar business brings me great joy! I love to admire huge, architectural masterpieces and study the way the elements of the interior affect the businesses’ atmosphere and work-flow.
I have a special file locked away with all my business goals- where we plan to establish our brick-and-mortar location and what we plan to do with our first interior.
These are relatively short-term growth plans. In the long-term, our business desires are grandiose BHAG’s!
I want to be making 6 billion dollars from the sum of my investments in 2020. I want to be a part of opening a solar power plant on the moon, that captures solar energy in the thin atmosphere, and ships the solar cells back to Earth. I want to dominate private education and agriculture. I want a health business that develops cures for diseases- not just treating symptoms. I want to rehabilitate former prisoners and help them thrive in society if they are willing. I want to teach the poor about assets and money- management. I want to publish dozens of fiction and non-fiction– sci-di, romance, political commentary, social commentary… Just to name a few genres I’d like to tackle.
That’s a peek at some of my goals– most of which are being worked towards right now. What are some of your goals?